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So...I finally got the time to do some other stuff, having to push a ton of my school work out of the way for this. Well, I decided that the art request will have to be on hiatus for now, I haven't been that active enough to keep up with something like that, but in the future I will decide when to continue it again. xD

Anyways, I did start a new project on my hands, and testing out the Ren'Py visual novel engine, I'm going to make a visual novel based on my Lifestream novel series (which I will update with the newest chapter pretty soon). First of all though, I clearly don't have the time to haul all of the work for a visual novel, and it will be a big help if I got any help with it. So...I'm waiting on you guys to help me out! (plz)

The roles I would like to help me out:
1. Art- I know that I can handle drawing and all, but my in-experience with digital art will hinder that. Knowing my experience with past visual novels, there's always a ton of expression art/sprites for each character, and that it will include different outfits/costumes as well. If someone can help me out with that, that will be awesome!

2. Sound- There's two things that would be helpful (unless I'm resorted to using other BGMs and having to show copyrights to it) would be the background music and maybe voice acting. I'm not sure on the voice acting, but if someone wants to fill that in, then that would be a thing. The music part is essential though, so I hope that someone could help out on that.

That's pretty much it (until I update this journal with more details), so note me if any of these apply to you! I'll give you more info on the important stuff (picture dimensions, information and atmosphere of Lifestream, etc) if you ask through the note. Aside from that, see you peeps later!


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Julia Adelantar
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United States
My original account, :iconmeloetta76:, won't let me log in anymore, so I decided to stay off fresh with a new account.

I'm rising illustrator specializing in character, weapon, and pretty much anything in designing. Also I'm rigorous in writing in novel literature, writing my first original novel "Lifestream" on my own. Feedback is always welcome, criticism and praise, but no flaming.


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